The protection of the environment and application of environmentally appropriate solutions to assure long-lived, properly performing onsite wastewater treatment systems are solemn responsibilities of the highest order.  Recognizing the public’s trust bestowed upon individuals engaged in the administration and enforcement of the sewage laws and regulations of the Commonwealth and its municipalities, this Association advocates commitment to a standard of professional behavior that exemplifies the highest ideals and principles of ethical conduct.  The governing concepts embodied in this philosophy are characterized below, for the benefit and guidance of those so engaged, and for the enlightenment of the public so served.

Members of this Association serving a local agency shall:

Place the public’s welfare, protection of the environment and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations above all other interests while recognizing that the chief function of government is to serve the best interest of all people.

Members of this Association performing in a consultant role shall:

Place their client’s interests, protection of the environment, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations above all other interests.

All members of this Association shall, at all times:

Demonstrate integrity, honesty, fairness and impartiality in all transactions and constantly strive for excellence in all matters of ethical conduct.

Recognize the continuing need for community growth, development and restoration in a manner which protects the water resources upon which all communities and populations are dependent.

Maintain professional competence in all areas of responsibility and encourage the same for all associates.

Accept no personal favors for services rendered and conscientiously avoid all circumstances that could compromise professional integrity or present the appearance of or constitute an actual conflict of interest.

I hereby affirm my commitment to this Code of Ethical Behavior.