A Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) is a person who has received training through the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and has been certified by the Commonwealth to hold the official position of Sewage Enforcement Officer. When employed by a Local Agency (a municipality, group of municipalities, or county health department) Sewage Enforcement Officers review applications for, issue permits, and inspect the construction of on-lot sewage disposal systems. Local Agency Sewage Enforcement Officers conduct investigations and prosecute violations of the Pennsylvania Sewage Facilities Act. They also review and approve planning modules that are necessary for subdividing properties and creating new land developments.

If you are trying to contact your SEO, start by visiting your local municipal website or calling the municipal building.  If the SEO is not employeed directly by the municipality, the municipality should be able to direct you to the contracted third-party or agency servicing their jurisdication.

Not every person who is certified as a Sewage Enforcement Officer is employed by a Local Agency. Many choose to remain in the private sector, while others opt to split their time between the public and private sectors.

PA DEP has a spreadsheet listing all active SEOs in the Commonwealth posted on the Clean Water Academy’s website (see HERE).  This list is sorted by county making it easy to browse for individual SEO contact info.

The sewage regulations are quite complicated and it is often very difficult for the average person to perform the work necessary to obtain an on-site sewage disposal system permit. For that reason, many private sector Sewage Enforcement Officers act as liaisons between property owners and the Local Agencies. They will arrange for and/or perform the necessary testing, advise the property owner about the sewage disposal system options that are available for the property, and prepare the necessary system construction plans and paperwork to obtain the sewage permit. Many private sector Sewage Enforcement Officers also provide other services related to developing properties such as property surveying, sewage system construction, house design etc. Though not employed by a Local Agency, all private sector Sewage Enforcement Officers must undergo the same rigorous training and continuing education that is required by those that are.

PASEO offers educational programs and training designed to enhance the skills of both Local Agency and private sector SEOs. All Sewage Enforcement Officers are welcome to become members of PASEO and to take advantage of the benefits offered only to PASEO members.